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Desiccant Products

Active alumina desiccant

Active alumina desiccant is kind of spherical hard granule full of many invisible fine pore .It is no corruptive ,non toxic ,and has close affinity to polar molecule ,This product is typically used as effective desiccant it has high adsorption capacity for moisture deep dew point control (-70C),and low regeneration temperature (150C),it is widely used in petrol chemical, textile and air-separation field.

Do not unpack the package before using in order to avoid damp
This product can control the dew point to -70?.
This product can be used and regenerated again and again.

Desiccant Dehumidifier Electric

Dehumidifier Feature Highlights Standard Features

Electric, steam, direct or indirect fired gas reactivation
Easy to remove desiccant rotor
Cleanable or disposable 30% inlet air filters
Relay based controls for simple reliable operation
Desiccant rotor manufactured in a Bry-Air, ISO Certified Facility
Hinged filter access doors with quick release fasteners
Circuit breakers (not fuses) for over-current protection
Relay-based controls for simple, reliable operation

Desiccant Dehumidifier Cassettes

Dehumidifier Cassettes Standard Features

Easy to remove desiccant rotor
Electric, steam, or direct or indirect fired gas reactivation
Cleanable or disposable 30% inlet air filters
Relay based controls for simple reliable operation

IGram Desiccant

This insulating glass desiccant can deeply co-adsorb the resident moisture and organics in Insulating Glass, keep the IGram clear and transparent even at very low temperature. More important, it can successfully avoid the tremendous air pressure unbalancely placed on the glasses, which was superposed by seasons of day –night temperature changing and the ensuing air desorption and adsorption function of common IGram desiccant. Thus it resolves the problems of windows distortion caused by IGram inflation and shrink, expanded the life span of IGram windows.

Plastic Resin Drying Systems Desiccant

Plastic Resin Drying Systems Desiccant Standard Features

The latest desiccant rotor technology
Smart-DryTM microprocessor controller with true dew point delivery system
No dew point spiking
Consistent temperature
Direct fired gas, electric
Standard after-cooling coil
All units engineered for specific applications

Refrigerant desiccant

The life span of freezer system is mainly determined by the refrigerant leakage time ,this was caused by harmful substances produced from trace moisture and refrigerant reaction. Molecular sieve is the most powerful product to removal trace water .Our molecular sieve are designed to protect the refrigerant dew point in a much professional way .
The technical requirement for refrigerant molecular sieve .
The molecular sieve should adsorb noting except water .
The molecular sieve should not react with of effect the stability of refrigerant .
Require very low dew point control .
Require very low abrasion

So ,refrigerant need specialized molecular sieve desiccant.

Pouch Desiccant

Pouch desiccant is granule desiccant packed in porous paper, fabric or memb-rane. Its weight varies from several to hundreds gram. Pouch desiccant can be put with the goods directly for drying; its packing material and contained desic-cant vary according to different surroun-ding and drying requirement.

1. Lime and clay pouch can be used in the goods at storage or transportation where the moisture not being controlled strictly.
2. Silica gel and Alumina desiccant porch can be used to avoid damp. Corrosion and mould in most commodities.
3. Molecular sieve pouch can deeply dry the precise apparatus, electronic products and medicines where require better drying condition.
Useful explanation
1. All these pouch desiccants have no physical change at adsorbing.
2. Lime pouch is also used to absorb carbon dioxide.
3. OPP itself can not penetrate moisture, it should be pricked or used together with other porous paper. Because of its transparency, some desiccant indicator could be added in to show the adsorption status of desiccant.

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